During this phase of the yearly preparation of a trail runner hill training plays a fundamental role. Depending on the duration, the type of terrain and the number of repetitions it can improve consistently different qualities of an athlete: Speed, Strength, VO2 Max Optimization , Lactate threshold, Improvement of the Technique increasing Running Economy. Short climbs work more on the VO2 Max while long climbs at a steady pace improve threshold.

A particularly useful workout for a trail runner who trains for medium to long distances would be long hills run performed  maintaining  the Heart Rate within a pre-determined zone for the entire session. Length and slope, depending on the level of the athlete, will vary from 3km to 10km and from 6% to 8% grade.

TRM ADVICES: To perform these type of training you need to know your HR zones; Choose long climbs on asphalt or dirt road that allow you a correct foot support and push.