TRM among  its athletes also counts road runners who have just get started as a runner or trail runners taking part to road races during winter time and ultra trails in Summer. Jacopo Leonardi did it different. He contact us with no significant running experience, a part from a 60mn jooging session around the park near home 3-4 days a week. He had a big dream: a Marathon, the New York Marathon.

It seemed a tough task for the TRM Coaches but Jacopo started working hard from the beginning learning how to read a training program and how to manage long runs chewing up miles.

With him the TRM Coaches decided to apply part of a training method already experimented for ultra trails and it worked. Jacopo Leonardi completed his 1st Marathon in New York on November 5, 2017 in 3:56’, an exceptional time considering that he started less than 8 Months ago running at a pace of more than 6’/km.

The winning mix? Muscle Strengthening, Uphill Reps., Progressive runs on undulated paths, Medium / Long Reps., Long Runs very long, and of course, Willpower and Top Nutrition.

And now he already planned new challenges: Milan City Marathon and Valencia Marathon. What will come after?……..trail running?