Anna Majewska, trail running athlete from UK trained by TRM Coaches, achieved an unexpected third place in her category at the CTS Marathon 42km. The CTS Marathon Sussex is a trail running competition that takes place in a cold and windy area of England with the world famous Seven Sisters and far reaching views out over the English Channel. The other geographic characteristic elements of the area are the rocky coasts and the vast cliffs of brilliant white chalk overlooking the sea.

The trail running race track of the 42km Marathon shoulders the beautiful coastal towns of Eastbourne and Seaford, which are located in the eastern part of the South Downs National Park. Some of the sections of the race are rolling while other alternate ups and down and require to carefully manage energies.

Anna ran her Marathon race with a wind blowing at 40km / h making running really difficult and for this reason her final result is even more valuable. Congratulations to Anna Majewska who decided for 2018 trail running Season to challenge herself and go for longer race distances!

Note: the Sussex event offers also other race distances such us 10km, half marathon and an ultra marathon of 55km