The Abbots Way Ultra Trail 125km runs through part of the ancient medieval path used by the monks to travel from Pavia to Pontremoli. The entire route of the trail running competition is marked by medieval discoveries such as towers, castles, fountains, chapels, and roads paved in stone. The trail running race track today is used by hundreds of hikers, bikers and riders, with numbers increasing each year.

The places and villages crossed by the race are those cited in The Diplomatic Codex of the Bobbio Monastery, namely Boccolo dei Tassi, Borgotaro, Borgallo and Pontremoli.

The trail running race track of the Abbot’s Way itinerary is filled with history, art and culture; however, it is also an itinerary where taste plays an important role. In the 125km from Bobbio to Pontremoli, the gastronomic traditions of the valleys are very much alive.

The Start of the race will be in Bobbio the 28th of April at 6:00am and you have the possibility to run alone (Solo) or in Relay (Express Team).

The Abbots Way Ultra Trail is a qualifying race for UTMB and Western States 100 Miles


Special “BLACK FRIDAY” 24th of November: Solo 85 Euro – Relay Express Team 100 Euro*

Orange Days 25/11-03/12: Tappa Unica (Solo) 95 Euro – (Relay) Express Team 110 Euro*; 04/12/2017 -15/01/2018: (Solo) 110 Euro – (Relay) Express Team 120 Euro*; 16/01/2018-20/04/2018: Tappa Unica (Solo) 130 Euro – (Relay) Express Team 160 Euro*.