The Abbots Way is a historic ultra trail endurance race with a trail track developing from Pontremoli to Bardi or vice versa, race direction changes every year. 125km and over 5000mt of D+ gained, with continuous uphills and downhills and a terrain ranging from hard asphalt to mud or to rocks. But, this race is also a dip in history re-calling the Pilgrims life who first traveled in those places in the past.

The Abbots Way is the perfect race in terms of distance and D+ to start testing the preparation for longer distances, new trail running shoes that have to guarantee comfort and protection and new gears. The 125km of the Abbots are also a good test for nutrition and supplementation. It is a fact that for an ultra trail endurance race over 80-90km you need to change your intake strategy. The basic elements you need to consider are: mix different nutrients, alternate different types of sugars with salty food and then, later, start to consider the protein element to avoid muscle catabolism.

The TRM Coach Marco Mori, ran a *perfect race* with a *perfect strategy*: attack immediately to gain first positions, hold on in the central and must difficult part of the race, despite the heat and, finally, in the last 30km express himselves at the best ranking 4th Overall. Training for AVP 501km is working strong!