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running with a safety mask


You can run safely also with Coronavirus but you should protect yourself while training and at the end.

After several months of lockdown, we are finally back to trail running. The luckiest athletes living ... 

Your race was canceled due to the coronavirus or other reasons? You are definitely angry, disappointed and looking for solutions. Flexibility and ability to adapt to different situations are the two main qualities of a trail runner and a runner. A race canceled is always a possibility. Obviously you must put 100% of your concentration and effort on your sporting event, but it is important to have a B plan in case of cancellation, injury or state of form not in line with what you hoped to have.

TRM Coaches have prepared a mini-guide for you with tips on what to do if you cannot compete. You may also keep the advice valid for similar situations that may arise in the future.

Race Canceled, ... 

The downhill running technique, in the discipline of trail running, is one of the aspects on which you should work during Winter, training on different terrains and increasing grade progressively. A ... 

The Heart Rate in Trail Running is subject to continuous changes compared to road racing. This derives from the changes on the surface on which we run: soil types and inclination percentages. ... 

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