TRM aims to offer practical advises to support trail runners to reach their sport goals

saving time and money in the purchase of technical clothing and equipment.
TRM has developed its own training methodology for Ultra Trail Running: the TRM method.

The TRM method has been developed by TRM Coaches following a professional approach arising from field testing, during training and direct participation to several international Trail Running Competitions, and technical athletic and sport studies certified by AICS – C.O.N.I.

Thanks to the TRM method you will be able to:


  • train effectively to reach the best performance in the shortest possible time;
  • complete successfully the most famous and “tough” Ultra Trail races in the Word;
  • minimize the risk of injures;
  • save money when purchasing technical clothing, equipment and products for training and competitions by choosing materials with the best balance between price, performance and quality. Choose to be guided by experts for a rational purchase compared to your real needs.