The Team, our skills

Our skills

We are Professional Sports Athletic Trainers certified by AICS – a sport Association recognized by the Italian Olympics National Committee – passionate about Trail Running.

We are Athletes of different levels of experience with a considerable number of trails and ultra trails completed in Italy and in foreign countries, but also Managers of multinational companies.

This combination of features has allowed us to develop a training methodology able to support us to run 330 km, completing the most difficult among all famous Endurance Ultra Trails: the Tor Des Geants.

The training methodology developed by TRM and all practical tips and secrets acquired by the Team are now made available through TRM website and all the communication means or services offered by TRM.

TRM most experienced Team members run over 7.000 km of trails per year with a total 50.000 mt D+.

TRM Team members have participated in over 80 International Trails and Ultra Trails improving their performance year after year and ranking in the Top Positions.