TRM offer

Trail Running Movement offers a large range of evolving services and products.

The outstanding feature of our offer is to be constantly updated through the field experience and the knowledge exchange with the Trail’s professional.
The TRM main services are courses, stages and individual training programs.

The TRM products consist of editorial productions, advices, equipment and gear for Trail Running offered exclusively to its customers through partnerships.

Why we are unique

Competence: the informations and suggestions are proposed by Strength and Conditioning Coach, certified AICS-CONI specialized in Trail Running;

Benefit: the suggestions included in the website, have been field-tested by the TRM Team or TRM Representative and, therefore, meet the requirements of utility and performance required during workouts or competitions;

Advantage: the subjects offered by TRM, outcomes from years of research and experiments which required huge investments for the purchase of clothing and equipment, and time foe testings. TRM Customers may benefit from this experience, heading directly toward the best solutions;

Convenience: on the TRM website are available a selection of information, services and products collected on the sites and magazines of Trail Running in five continents. Our website offers the best in your chosen language.

 Trail Running courses & stages

Trail Running Movement proposes an offer of courses & stages suitable for any level of training.

Personalized training programs

The birth of Trail Running is very recent so many concepts are not yet consolidated nor proven scientifically. TRM develop tailor made individual training programs.

Other products & services

Trail Running Movement offers complementary services and products useful for beginners, amateurs and experienced Trailer.