Trail Running Movement offers complementary services and products useful for beginners, amateurs but also Trailer more experienced, who wish to have support at professional level, for the  more complex and challenging competitions, which are the races from 167 km and beyond.

Individual professional directions to tackle an Ultra Trail on the Mont Blanc or the Tor Des Geants.

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Ultra Trail Running races that take place in the Alps in Italy, France and Switzerland have a large number of complex factors to evaluate:

  • Physical and mental training;
  • Detailed planning of the race timing, energy consumption, sleep management;
  • Choice of clothing, equipment, food and supplement to carry;
  • Information and logistics before and after the race for the trailer and for their family members.

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Trail Running Camp in Valle d’Aosta


The main TRM Team Trail Camp is in Valle d’Aosta just beside Mount Blanc.

Morgex-Courmayeur is the ideal base for trail running in Europe, because it is easy to reach by public transport and allows to practice on almost 1.000 km of trail running tracks which includes part of most famous Italian & International Trail Running Races like Tor des Geants, The Grand Courmayeur Trail, Courmayeur Skyrace, The Lyconi Trail and Vertical, the Training Camp Tor a Pia and part of the track of the famous Utra Trail around Mount Blanc.

The best way to train is on Valdigne Trail Camp (also known as Tor a Pia) which offers:

  • Measured and marked trails from 5 to 58km and more which allow different trainings, a double vertical km included
  • All year round trail tracks or asphalt alternative tracks
  • A hospitality centre to change one’s clothes
  • Logistic discounts at some Hotels, B&B, Hostels and restaurants for those who want to stay overnight
  • Trail Running products and equipment tests and purchase option at discounted prices
  • Group training program on different trails ,also at night
  • Winter trainings of on snow running and muscle strengthening with …. or sky mountaineering for Trail Running
  • Coaching program and reconnaissance on competition trails
  • Equipped Barefooting trail circuit useful for trail runners to practise their receptiveness

The family accompanying the Trailer can enjoy an entertainment programme on the spot.

To know more click here Trail Camp Morgex 2015

Tips on the purchase of Trail Running’s shoes, clothing and equipment

Trailer of all experience level who are going to buy equipment for Trail Running, often rely on friends suggestion, post on forums or advices from magazines or shops. In many cases, if the person who dispenses advices is an experienced Trailer, the advice could be useful and correct, but increasingly with the massification of sport, we see a tendency to give summary advices or based on a limited experience, or even focused on promoting the fashion product instead of the one best suited to the needs of the athlete.

Many trailer end up buying products not suited to their needs, or more expensive than necessary.

If you want a feedback or a suggestion on a product you are aiming to buy, write us through the contact form.

Pacer at your Trail Running competition

The TRM Team takes part in several competitions and offers its athletes the possibility to participate to some competitions accompanied by an expert Coach of the Team at an agreed rhythm and experimenting on the field the strategies to manage a competition at best.

Course for Ultra Trail Running Competition Assistants / Supporters

Assistente di gara TRM

The Supporter ‘s role, assistant athlets during Ultra Trail competitions, is crucial. He / she supports the athlet both in logistic / organizational terms and in psychological ones, regardless of the Trail Runner ‘s level.

The course is addressed Trailers and non Trailers such as: husbands/wives, family members or friends.

Advanced Trailers, who constantly improve their performance, always have a professional assistant or a non professional supporter on a regular basis.

Also non professional supporter can easily learn how to help athlets during competition in order let them obtain significant advantages such as:

  • easy of use and change equipment during competitions;
  • reduction of the weight carried during competitions;
  • emergency equipment and materials delivery;
  • motivational support .

TRM trains the assistants/supporters to help the competing Trailers at their best.

The TRM course for Ultra Trail Running Competition Assistants/Supporters is both a theoretical and practical course aimed to learn the techniques to best manage the assistance during competitions.

The TRM course for Ultra Trail Running Competition Assistants/Supporters offers:

  1. general introduction to trail running and competition rules;
  2. basic knowledge about energetic metabolism of mountain endurance running;
  3. planning suggestions and logistic organization during competitions;
  4. supports and operating instruments for managing assistance during competitions;
  5. mini guide about useful nutrition during endurance competitions and suitable to support the Trailer in energetic crisis;
  6. first aid basic technique.

The course is provided in a traditional way or also by e-learning.

Learn more about the course clicking here TRM course for competition Assistants/Supporters

Trail Running Products

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Over the years, TRM has developed a specific know-how related to the world of Trail Running.

This know-how is available as:

Consulting and editorial productions on Trail Running:

  • Consulting services and products or organizing races Trail Running;
  • Results of surveys on test of Trail Running equipments;
  • Manuals for practicing Trail Running;
  • Publishing partnerships on the practice of Trail Running;
  • Market research on the world of  international Trail Running.

Gears and equipments for Trail Running:

  • Shoes, clothing, equipment for trail running (selected gear sold by our partners);
  • Clothing branded Trail Running Movement.