The birth of Trail Running is very recent so many concepts are not yet consolidated nor proven scientifically.

Most training programs have been borrowed from the preparation for the road competitions and, therefore, suitable only for a general physical preparation, but not suited to handle races of Ultra Trail above 42 km, which require a specific training.

A professional personalized training program must take into account two basic parameters:

  1. The specific characteristics of the athlete, his sporting history, its physiological situation and personal the goals;
  2. The level of experience and ability to deal with the complexity of  Trail Running, for example the different types of surfaces, vertical drop, run at high altitude, variability of weather conditions, feeding during endurance effort, choice of the correct technical clothing and equipment, and much more.

For this reasons each training program need to be customized, and only for the athlete for which has been studied produces the best results.
The Personal Training is run by a team of Sport and Physical Trainers certified AISC – CONI, and a specialist in Sport Food and Supplements.
The TRM Coach will help you achieving your goal of Trail Running through the TRM Method.

TRM offers personal training programs for all levels.

Personal Training for Trail Running beginners (TRM Basic)

The TRM Basic Programs are suitable for sport amateur who practice occasionally Trail Running or for runners that comes from road competitions.
We suggest this athletes approaching Trail Running for the first time, to attend the TRM Trail Running’s Course, so that they can quickly learn a number of essential notions about the world of Trail.

Request to take the course using the contact form specifying the type of course required.

Personal Training for expert Trailer Runners (TRM Advanced)

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The TRM Personal Training Programs are recommended for trailers with at least one year of experience of Trail Running and participation in an ultra trail above 42 km.

In these programs is included:

  • the training program;
  • personal nutrition and supplements program;
  • competition’s planning;
  • materials and nutrition’s choice.

Request the program TRM Advanced using the contact form, specifying the type of program required.

Personal Training for Endurance Trailer (TRM Endurance)

This is the TRM Program tailored for expert trailers who wants to participate to competitions above 100 miles.

To the tailored TRM Endurance Program are admitted expert trailers with at least 2 years of experience, and having concluded one Ultra Trail above 80 Km.

In this programs:

  • The training program;
  • Personalized Nutrition and Supplement program;
  • Competition planning;
  • Tips on sleep management;
  • Mental training exercises.

Request the program TRM Endurance through the Contact Form, specifying the type of program requested.

Personal Training for expert athletes practicing other sports (TRM Multisport)

The Program TRM Multisport is tailored for trailers with at least one year experience.

This program is personalized depending on the type of sport, level of training, coherence with the annual training program of the main sport practiced.

Request the program TRM Multisport through the Contact Form, specifying the type of program requested