Trail Running Movement proposes an offer of courses suitable for athletes of any levels.
Those who begin to practice Trail Running can find tips on the web site, participate to Trail Running Course organized in different cities, or to come to the Trail Camp where the Coach of TRM Team are.
The Trailers, or experts athletes from other disciplines, can complete their preparation or improve their performance by participating to the Trail Running Courses for experts or asking for the Stages Services.

Trail Running Courses

Trail Running Movement Courses

Throughout the year the TRM Team organizes several theoretical and practical Trail Running Courses.

The TRM courses aim to convey useful advice and suggestions to practice Trail Running at its best.

That’s why the TRM courses never last more than 2-3 hours and combine some theoretical contents with some practical demonstrations.

Both general and single-subject courses are offered , according to the topic they deal with.

The main topics we focus on are:

  • TRM Trail Running Course for sports people who want to get to know this sport in all its main aspects.
  • (runners, triathletes, sky mountaineers, mountain bikers, trekkers, etc..)
  • Trail Running for Advanced Trailers
  • Nutrition and Supplements in Trail Running
  • How to choose, buy & use Trail Running gear and apparel
  • Ultra Trail 170 km Competition Training & Management
  • Endurance Trail 330-km Competition Training & Management

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Trail Running Stages

TRM has a full calendar of Stages, organized on the trail of some of the most famous Ultra Trail races in Northern Italy.
During our Stages the participant will be  grouped in relation of their level, and a track record of Trail Running/Ultra Trail Running races will be required  in coherence with the distance and elevation gain expected during the Stage.

We will explore all the training techniques and discuss the strategies to optimize the management of any competition in terms of workload, nutrition/hydration and sleep management.

We will also analyze the technical characteristics of the different gears and the perfect set up of the backpack for the race, in terms of weight / performance ratio.

And for the family accompanying the Trail Runner a program of entertainment playful or cultural will be provided.

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