Luca Guglielmetti, trail runner Athlete coached by TRM trainers, ran the EA7 Emporio Armani Milano Marathon with his baby Stella, 8 months, in a stroller.
Luca had to manage the 15kg of the stroller with Stella, not easy on the undulated sections of the race. The energy of the people and runners in addition to the awareness of doing something special helped Luca to reach the finish line with a record time: 3:24.
The record? Luca is the 1st Finisher with a stroller at an Italian Marathon and Stella is the smallest marathon runner in Italy. Becoming a parent is not a limit to sport but can be an opportunity!

TRM Coaches Advices about stroller running:

  1. Choose a specific type of stroller designed for running, able to ensures comfort and safety for your child
  2. Make sure that the stroller is light and easy to “drive”
  3. Begin your training with the stroller focusing on mobility, stability and proprioception, then, in a second phase, train endurance
  4. During the endurance building phase start walking fast, then alternate walk-run and only when you feel comfortable run the whole session
  5. Coach yourself using Heart Rate
  6. Always take care of your body alignment and position of your feet to avoid back and lumbar problems