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Tea, trained by TRM Coaches, Finisher of the Tor des Geants 330km 2017, does not ceases to amaze us. She runs 42km for training and grabs an unexpected 5th place. Preparation is giving good ... 

Christian Pizzatti, TRM Team, arrives 1st with Luca Carrara – teammate of the Italian National Team of Trail Running – at the Ert Rommel Trail. The knee injury that affected ... 

The 6 Runners of the “Mission” Ventura achieved there GOAL, they are all FINISHER at the DJ Ten, 10km race.

It was not easy to set the pace because the DJ Ten race is very crowded in the first ... 

Sabrina Zanin, athlete trained by TRM, takes her first steps in Trail Running and attains the podium with a 5th place at the Vibram Parco Trail on the median distance (45km). The race was ... 

TEA and ALESSANDRO achieve a mitic goal after running a race full of hope, fears, difficult moments and emotions that we have experienced supporting them. They are now part of the 12 Athletes ... 

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