The following are common questions we receive from trailers of all levels.

“Should I choose a scientific approach to training in Trail Running”?


“What are the advantages to train scientifically”?

There are two possible answers to these questions that TRM Coaches would like to share with you:

  1. If the practice of trail running is just for fun, like a few months per year occasionally and disorganized, it makes little sense to approach it scientifically. The performances would be very modest. So it would be better to focus only on the fun of running in natural enviroment;
  2. At the opposite, if the goal is to get personal satisfaction, linked to constant performances improvements, then you need to follow a well-structured training program.

Scientific researches in sports and in trail running have demonstrated that to improve performance our body needs to receive rigorous, continuous, progressive and coherent instructions.

Only through a set of well-structured instructions, it is possible to achieve significant performance improvements and to safeguard the psycho-physical health.

Advantages of scientific workout:

  • Constant and incremental performance improvement;
  • Time reduction in reaching performance goals;
  • Reduction of injury risk;
  • Better consciousness of the own body and physiological limits management;
  • More personal satisfaction for the success achieved in the competitions.

Last but not least, money saving, thanks to the ability to choose and buy services and products for trail running at the best price/quality ratio.

If your passion for trail running is strong enough to push you to run in natural environments, regardless of weather conditions, and if your aspiration is to consistently exceed your limits to levels of performance that you never thought you could reach in your life, then choose the TRM Method.