TRM Training Method

TRM offers personal training programs for the practice of Trail Running based on the TRM Team experience and the continuous knowledge exchange with professionals and élite athletes.

TRM training method has awarded, in less than five years, the TRM Team to participate and be finish the hardest 330 km race (200 miles) in the world.

The Team has adopted a training plan, improved year by year, now available to all trailers.

The TRM Method is divided into phases:

1st phase

AnalisiAnalysis of the physiological condition and training level of the athlete

  • Analysis of the athlete profile, previous experiences in trail running and in other sports
  • Diagnostic of the performances capabilities
  • Analysis of the lifestyle and daily diet
  • Goals definition

2nd phase

02_CalendarioTrail Running Annual Planning

  • planning of the approach competitions
  • planning test races to evaluate training
  • program main goals

3rd phase

Training ProgramYour personalized training program will include:

  • weekly planning of functional training to achieve the agreed goals
  • guide to correctly execute stretching exercises
  • sport dietary and supplements tips
  • glossary to correctly understand terminology

4th phase

04_EmailDelivery and explanation of the program

  • your training program is develop in blocks of 4-5 weeks
  • 1 week before the end of the block you should send an email to your Coach sharing feelings and requesting the second block
  • If you urgently need to get in touch with your Coach, sent an email with „URGENT“ in the object followed by your name

Together with you training program you will receive:

  • a “discharge” document
  • the TRM certificate with the TRM’s stars you will acquire while achiving your goals click here to learn more about the TRM’s Stars.

The TRM Training Programs are available for a minimum period lasting: 6, 9 or 12 months.

Apply for a TRM Training Program at special promotional price of € 0,99 / per day (VAT excluded).

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