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Transpyrenea TRM Trail Running Movement

898 km ; 55.000 m+

The TransPyrenea is an adventure, not a race, more a great adventure, a great trekking, but certainly not a Trail or an Ultra Trail.

No additional signal than the ones of the GR10, 15 days in self-sufficiency, and RSO will organize the logistics (late July) so that you can create your own personal adventure.

If you love the flags, the inflatable arches, the signals every 50 meters and refreshments every 5/10 Km, you have misunderstood the concept ….

If you love mountains and the great outdoors, cows and sheeps, to be self-sufficient, a bit of human warmth and great challenges, a perfume of Authenticity, you’re welcome.

Chianti Ultra Trail

73km, D+ 2.600m

The Chianti Ultra Trail is a trip in the heart of the Chianti Classico passing through vineyards, olive groves, castles and historic Italian villas.

The trail track developes through the provinces of Florence and Siena.

You can choose between three races with departure and arrival from Radda in Chianti, suitable to all runners and perfect to start the trail running season: Trail Ultra (73km, D+ 2.600m), Chianti Trail (37km, D+1.200m), Short Trail (15km, D+ 600 m).

Innsbruck Alpine Trailrun Festival

Five different distances attract every fitness level and please ambitious hobby runners as well as trail experts. The K15 Rookie Trailrun and the K25 Trailhalfmarathon are perfect for off-road newcomers and raise the enthusiasm for trail running. The K15 leading past the city trails of Hall in Tyrol and the K25 ending up in the idyllic territory of the lake in Natters. The K42 Trailmarathon is the ideal possibility to enjoy a marathon as a trail run. Distances like the K65 Panorama Ultra Trail (powered by trailrunning-szene) or the K85 Heart of the Alps Ultra are the ultimate challenge for trail freaks and running experts. Both distances, including 2.100 and 3.600 metres of difference in altitude, lead the participants past some of the most beautiful areas of Tyrol and offer a terrific panorama view.

Another interesting fact for all ambitious trail runners is the possibility to gather points for the Ultra- Trail du Mont-Blanc® and the ATRA-Cup.

The North Face® Cappadocia Ultra-Trail®; Trail Running Movement;

Cappadocia Ultra-Trail®: 114 km, 3340 m+

An Ultra Trail World Tour® Future Event, passing through high plateaus and valleys of Cappadocia to run it from one side to the other!

Cappadocia Trail 60K: 61 km, 1810 m+

Explore the hearth of Cappadocia by running along natural towers, fairy chimneys and high hills dominating the landscape.

Cappadocia Trail 30K: 35 km, 940 m+

Passing through Ortahisar and Goreme, discover the most beautiful valleys of the Goreme National Park by running!

Ultra Fiord; Trail Running Movement; Patagonia; Chile

100 Miles & 6700 D+; 100 Km & 3.942 m D+; 70 Km & 3.130 m D+; 50 Km & 1.845 m D+; 50 Km Duo

A long journey toward the magical world of fiords…. This is a trail running event where you will need a sense of adventure to come face to face with one of the wildest natural landscapes, shaped by the unpredictable weather conditions and challenging terrains of Southern Patagonia..

Mont Blanc Sky Race; Trail Running Movement; X-Bionic


11 kilometers and 2200 mt of elevation gain arriving at the panoramic terrace of Punta Helbronner at the end of the new cable car Skyway Monte Bianco, 3466 mt above the sea.


7 kilometers and 900 mt of elevation gain arriving at the Pavillon by night. This is the challenge that the 5th August 2016 the 1° Courmayeur Mont Blanc SkyRace night K1000 offer to the best international athletes for the discipline.

Ultra Taiwan; Trail Running Movement;

UT100: 100Km; 4500D+

Ultra Taiwan delivers to runners arguably the best collection of trails & scenery available in Northern Taiwan, focusing on the beautiful mountains, valleys, rivers and beaches at the northern reaches of Taiwan’s massive Xueshan (Snow) Mountain Range.

A region that boosts a huge local history, fascinating culture and a smorgasbord of varied trails and stunning scenery that is quite literally a trail runner’s paradise!

Trans Lantau; Trail Running Movement;

Ultra 100km; 5.800m D+

Trans Lantau is a trail running event on Lantau Island, the biggest outlying island of Hong Kong. With 90% of the course on trails and covering two country parks, participants get to push their limits as their eyes feast on the landscape of undulating hills and long coastline, untouched by the urbanization of Hong Kong.

Magredi Mountain Trail; Trail Running Movement; MMT 100Miles

160,5 km;  7.200 m D+

La MMT 100 MILES is a race that winds through some of the most spectacular landscapes of Friuli Venezia Giulia, in Italy.

The local landscapes are the Magredi rivers Cellina and Meduna, part of the Friulian Dolomites and the Pordenone Valleys.

The race is characterized by a wide variety of soils and environments: the plains, rocks, grassy paths and rocky climbs and descents, towns and historic villages ..

Trail Monte Soglio; Trail Running Movement; TMS

66Km; 3600 D+

The Trail del Monte Soglio takes place in the Upper Canavese (Turin, Italy), on the ancient tracks that once connected  stunning villages and mountain pastures by now uninhabited

CRO Trail; Trail Running Movement; Nuovo Trail CRO-Magnon

The Cro Trail, LIMONE – BREIL – MENTONE starts at 6pm on Friday, July 8 from Limone Piemonte with 115 km in length – 7,000 metres  of elevation gain and 7,900 metres of descent ending in Menton before 11pm on Saturday, July 9. Maximum time 29 hours.

The Trail Marguareis, LEMON – BREIL start at 6pm on Friday, July 8 from Limone Piemonte with 80 km in length – 5,400 metres of elevation gain and 5,900 metres of descent, ending in Breil sur Roya before 2pm on Saturday, July 9. Maximum time 20 hours.

The Trail of the French Riviera, BREIL – MENTONE start at 2pm on Saturday, July 9 from Breil sur Roya with 35 km length – 1,600 metres of elevation gain and 2,000 metres of descent ending in the sea of Menton before 11pm on Saturday, July 9. Time limit 9 hours.

The Abbots Way; Trail Running Movement;

125km – 5.500D+

The Abbots Way – From Bobbio to Pontremoli, Italy, along the Via Francigena, on the ancient Abbots Way crossing the wild Appennini Mountains, where the pilgrims and the  wayfarers have walked through the centuries heading Rome.

Adamello Ultra-Trail, Trail Running Movement, Adamello Trail, Adamello Ultra Trail

Km 180 & 11.500 m D+; Km 80 & 5.700 m D+; Km 30 

Adamello Ultra-Trail, sui percorsi della grande Guerra – Three trail tracks to run on mountains where epic battles took place, peaks that witnesses the History not to be forgot. The paths run entirely on mule tracks and military paths, through areas rich in war artifacts still intact, as deep scars that still mark the territory and its history.

Tuscany Crossing, Tuscany Trail, Trail Running Movement, TRM Friend Races

100 Km e 3.200 m D+; 53 Km e 1.900 m D+

Tuscany Crossing Valdorcia – Running in the heart of Tuscany traveling through the time on the roads where travelers and wayfarers  have crossed Italy: the Romea, the Cassia, the Francigena, through forests castles, fortifications and medieval churches.

Scuron Night Marathon, Trail Running Movement, Lupi d'Appennino
42 Km e 1.100 m D+ by night

Scuron Night Trail Marathon: Running on the Placentine valleys

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